We build telecommunication networks Fibre Optic Network Design, network digital twin, project oversight, supply chain management and operational support

About Brzwire

Brzwire provides outside plant design, materials and integrated solutions to streamline the fibre optic network design process and increase project efficiency.

Brzwire specializes in turnaround & greenfield projects


Offering a robust suite of OSP materials, software, dashboards, and project management services, Brzwire is with you every step of the way, from feasibility to the design and build phases to operation and maintenance.

Process automation and innovative design techniques are at the heart of Brzwire’s approach, allowing for a cutting-edge turnkey design and project services.

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Supply Chain Management

Much of the fiber design industry relies on outdated techniques, causing delays in network design, equipment orders, and ultimately time to revenue. Current market forces have driven delivery times up to 24 months, with a stark supply chain shortage and higher-than-ever price tags.

Using machine learning, artificial intelligence and OEM custom materials, Brzwire’s mission is to revolutionize the fibre network planning, design and build industry in order to overcome the supply chain issues and general lack of efficiency plaguing the field.

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Design & Build Oversight

At Brzwire, our expert team ensures that the initial planning stages are spent wisely and to their fullest potential. Having a robust network design prepared early in the process allows for an accurate bill of materials, offering the opportunity to place timely orders so that any materials you need are available in time for installation.

Through machine learning and AI, Brzwire automates repetitive, time-consuming tasks that would normally require an experienced designer’s expertise. This results in a fully integrated, automation-enhanced design approach emphasizing a faster and more accurate design process as well as an improved time to market network.

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Digital Twin, Records Management & Support

Brzwire is proud to offer comprehensive management and support services in order to ensure your project’s long term success.

Fiber Route and Splice Management:

  • Project deliverables include a comprehensive fibre management system which serves as a digital twin of your network
  • Carefully tracked alterations
  • Network monitoring integrated with the network digital twin results in easy troubleshooting

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Market & Opportunities

In today’s market, many design/build companies are so busy struggling to meet demand that they have virtually no opportunity to make meaningful strides towards innovation. Brzwire is proud to seize an opportunity to offer the fibre planning and design industry a revolutionary approach focused on automated processes and the use of custom-integrated best-in-class applications in the industry.

This long overdue industry upheaval will result in less labour, transparent and accountable projects, accurate and timely design outputs, and an effectively maintained network.

  • Automated Route Planning Automate the route optimization process, assure pole line and conduit availability, estimate make-ready costs, and more
  • Construction App Realtime progress monitoring to support contractual obligations and progress payments
  • Automated Permitting Streamline and automate the permitting process through data acquisition, algorithm analysis, and end-to-end process tracking
  • O&M Systems Simple, out-of-the-box records management integrated with industry-leading network monitoring solutions
  • OEM Outside Plant Materials Factory-branded OSP materials embedded with tracking devices for inventory control and asset management